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 Thresholds Conference

May 23, 2023   

An annual conference that unites

families, friends, healthcare professionals, and caregivers in meaningful conversations about end of life care.

Dying Matters: Conversations about end of life and the emotional honesty that follows

This year's conference is designed to educate care givers on what to expect at the end of life and how to navigate the emotional journey that follows.


Conference Schedule

  • 9:00 am    Daryl Cady: Welcoming Remarks

  • 9:05 am    Helen Bauer: Moderator Introduction

  • 9:10 am    Dr. Mary Becker: The Hows and Whens of Hospice

  • 10:00 am  Dr. Martha Jo Atkins: Keynote Presentation and Q&A, In-Person

  • 12:00 pm  Lunch Break and In-Person Book Sale

  • 1:00 pm    Nora McInerny: Keynote Presentation and Q&A, Virtual

  • 2:00 pm    Closing Remarks


Nora McInerny

Virtual Keynote


A writer, whose pieces have appeared in the New York Times, TIME Magazine and the Washington Post, Nora McInerny specializes in difficult conversations: death, loss, illness, mental health, trauma, change, and how to move forward with grief with resilience, joy, love and humor. Nora regularly dives into the topics most people avoid with refreshing candor, heart and humor. In doing so, she draws upon her own story of profound loss: During six hellish weeks in 2014, Nora miscarried her second baby, lost her Dad to cancer and became a widow at age 31 when her husband died from brain cancer. In the ensuing years, Nora became a "reluctant grief specialist," bestselling memoirist, and founder dedicated to shining the light on the dark things in life with wit, humor and heart.


Dr. Martha Jo Atkins

In-Person Keynote 

Dr. Martha Jo Atkins, is a doctoral level (Ph.D.) end-of-life licensed professional counselor and counselor supervisor (LPC-S), coach, speaker and author. For almost thirty years, Martha has been working with grieving and bereaved children and families + people at end of life and the ones who love them.

Dr. Atkins believes the process of dying can be frightening but doesn’t have to be. She has spent her career helping families move beyond the worry, panic and what-ifs, so they can feel comfortable being there with and for their family member at the end of their life. 

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